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Pricing Update For Affected Merchants

Two years ago, we’ve introduced a pay-as-you-go pricing model and never looked back. The new pricing scheme offer a much more flexible pricing structure that scales with merchants while still providing a very competitive pricing.

We will be retiring our fixed rate pricing plan that we have left unchanged for some business since we implemented our new pay-as-you-go pricing model almost two years ago. 

The pricing will change from your current fixed plan and will be updated to our pay-as-you-go model of $0.03 per order on or after December 7th, 2023.

You can accept the new pricing anytime through Beacon’s notification bar or accept the new pricing on the date of expiration. If the pricing is not accepted after the expiration date, Beacon will stop processing orders.

Why are we changing the prices?

We don’t take decisions like these lightly but, like everyone else, our running costs are increasing. Doing this helps us remain sustainable and deliver more new features and improvements to Beacon (we’ve made a lot of it recently). Even with these changes, you’ll find our pricing is still favorable as we only charge you for the usage and you have options to exclude orders as well.

Our team is grateful for your support and we’re always open to hearing your thoughts and feedback for how we can continue to improve our services.