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Changelog for Beacon Fraud Protection


  • More bug fixes


  • bug fixes
  • Search optimizations


  • Fixed SMS email reminder


  • CSS Version 1.0
  • Minor UX/UI Issued Fixed
  • Added new first and last name merge tags to SMS and email.
  • Added Dynamic Reason Code for Chargebacks
  • Tweaked BL logic


  • Speed optimizations for large tables.
  • Updated UI
  • App loading speed improvements
  • New IP risk signal
  • basic bug fixes
  • new search bar features


  • Blacklist beta 4.8 update
  • Fixed CSV Upload to address large number of rows
  • improved billing/shipping address detection with zipcodes
  • improved phone number format.


  • Checkout lock for Shopify Plus released
  • Fixed various issue relating to importing IPV6 address.
  • Fixed issue relating order and customer tags not being logged.
  • Updated to latest API version 2024-01
  • Fixed pagination issue where it was not showing the correct row count


  • Updated geolocation accuracy
  • Fixed tag issue


  • Extend payment method char count
  • Fixed IPV6 Address char count


  • Added customer ID to BL when adding tags.
  • Added Blacklist tagging
  • Update customer profile page


  • Added payment details column. CC/Last 4 digit/Country Code
  • Recon bot tweaks and fixes
  • Added more details to risk signals
  • Fixed risk signals in JP


  • Speed up LCP loading time to be less than 2.5 seconds
  • Risk signal tooltip update
  • Minor UX/UI tweaks and fixes
  • Enable bl search by order number and reason
  • JP translation updates
  • Add change log link to Q&A


  • Fixed refund pending status with Shop Pay
  • Security and package update


  • Fixed empty CC name in email notifications
  • fixed refund issue caused by currency conversion from checkout vs. local currency


  • Added matching credit card name to billing and shipping address.
  • Updated Graph QL version
  • Fixes to first and last name logic
  • Updated GA4 Code Snippet
  • Fixes to handling errors with gift-card payment.


  • Move Shopify Medium/High Risk indicators to risk signal column.
  • Fix Z Index overlay for modal window
  • Fix reinstallation issue for classifying store type